$4.00 each
Awareness Products...
$8.00 ea.
$4.00 each
Lips Decal 6" x 5"
Bumper Sticker - 10" x 3"
Survivor charm
Disabled Decal
$4.00 each
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Pens are sold in bunches of 10
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Watch Face is 1.70"
The Blue Lip Kiss Challenge by Cordelia Skuldt
Scroll down to see "The Blue Lip Kiss Challenge"
Beaded Earrings with Charms
Be sure to specify your bead color and charm preference
I think many of us have been leered at or even admonished for parking in a handicapped parking place. Maybe this will help educate others that there are invisible diseases such as Pulmonary Hypertension.
Some disabilities
$4.00 each
Decals are 6" x 5"